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Common misunderstandings
Summary #4 (big arrow) refers to scenes #2, #7 and #8 (small arrows) and NOT to scenes #10, #11 and #12.
Please bear in mind that summaries refer to scenes marked with the same color and NOT to three scenes above.
This is the reason why you can get a full XSMark and all summaries just by running the first four scenes.

General warnings
In order to perform one the following operations you need to be logged in:
  • upload your results
  • delete your results
  • compare your results to other users'
Login username and password are the same as Forum, so if you plan to check one of the options above and you are not registered on the Forum yet, please register here.

Uploading your results
When uploading your results, please bear in mind that:
  • only the last benchmark you have run will be stored
  • if you upload a file that is larger than 200 KB your results will be ignored
  • only benchmarks run at 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x960, 1600x1200 resolutions will be stored
So, before you upload your results I recommend you do the following:
  • clear results file from GLExcess v1.1 configuration dialog
  • run your benchmark at one of the resolutions listed above
  • visit this page and upload results.htm file which has been generated
This way you will prevent system slow downs. Thanks in advance for your patience and dedication.

Comparing your results
If you intend to compare your results to other users', please bear in mind that:
  • you must have run and uploaded at least one benchmark at the same resolution and color depth as the test run by the other user
  • your best result at selected resolution and bit depth will be automatically picked