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Long time no news... Posted by Bustard 01/02/2006

Well, this is more of a service message since there is no relevant news regarding the benchie thing. I'm changing my email address in the next few days, so please update your address books, you can find me at

By the way, to all the people experiencing crashes with Tranquillity or Snowball screensavers, the sad truth is they have been built with two different versions of FMOD, so you can have only one working at any time, make sure you delete the fmod.dll file which is in your system(32) folder before you reinstall one of them.
One short notice before I go and hide in the shadow for some more time: I recently got a 6800gt and would like to explore all functionalities, I even thought I could use this site to spread some demos with source included, but I guess that will take some time and time has been short for over two years now... Anyway, we'll see what the future brings. So long, take care and may you all have a happy new year.

Wow... Posted by Bustard 12/25/2004

Err... you may have noticed my last update is about 1 year old... time runs fast! An explanation is due, though it may sound a bit disappointing: I've been very busy with my job and got very little time to spend on excess2. Yes, it's as simple as that... anyway the project is not dead at all, I am going through all scenes again and trying my best to keep em up to date with todays hardware. I am definitely into the OpenGL thing and surely wont give up until I get this done, but any word about a release date would sound like a joke at the moment. So, still my heart goes to all of you who believe in this project and are sending in some wonderful feedback, even after years of nothing. That said, I promise I'll be back sooner than I did last time (shouldnt be too hard...), in the meanwhile may you all be blessed with a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Take care!

News Posted by Bustard 12/24/2003

Finally graduated! If anyone's interested, get my CV here.
Get in touch if you need to see anything of my past and future work.
As for Excess 2, it will unforunately slip to Q1 2004 (hopefully). In the meanwhile, may you all have a merry xmas and happy 2004!

Java port Posted by Bustard 12/10/2003

Thanks to Pepijn Van Eeckhoudt for porting to JAVA. This version requires a Java 1.4 runtime to be installed and the Jogl library Get the port here.

Ports Posted by Bustard 11/10/2003

Thanks to Edouard Gomez for porting to GNU/Linux and probably other *nixes. Tested on Debian GNU/Linux SID (g++ 3.3.1, nvidia GLX, mesa GLU and glut): get it here. People who want to develop a unix port are suggested to grab this file.
Also, thanks to Mikael Brorsson for porting from GLUT to SDL: get it here.

Demo source code Posted by Bustard 10/10/2003

The source code for the demo part of GLExcess v1.0 is now available for download: get it here. It comes in a GLUT fashion so to make it easily portable. Tested on Visual C++ 6.0.
Thanks so much to my friend Allan Campbell at for providing a mirror for the dowload: get it here.