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      OpenGL - OpenGL official website. A large number of useful resources,
         links and news all about the most powerful multi-platform 3D library.

      NeHe Productions - The best OpenGL tutorials available
         on the net. Suited for beginners as well as experienced programmers.

      Strange Saver - Wow this is definitely nice: you can now make
         GLExcess your default screensaver with strangesaver utility. Just install and
         point the program to glexcess.exe file. Neat!

      OpenGL Challenge - Learn new skills about OpenGL          programming and donate some code for others to learn from.

      Benchmark HQ - Everything about benchmarking. Head right here
         if you're looking for the most comprehensive benchmarking tools list.

      DemoGL - The demosystem for OpenGL demos. This program will let
         you create your own gl demos with very little effort.

      Avian's Nest - Rob's website is a great resource for everything
         that is concerned with programming in general. OpenGL, C++, SQL and more.

      Rebirth - My second OpenGL attempt. This one is a simple 3D
         accelerated screensaver but I guess it's still showing off some eye candy.

      GioFX - Nice! This one is a real 3D engine used to build up wonderful 3D
         accelerated screensavers and Winamp plugins. Make sure you give it a look.

For all your archiving needs, this one allows you to pack &
unpack files in more than 20 different formats. Extremely useful
and completely free!