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Bustard .plan

March 1st 01
I guess the first thing I'm gonna do is
finish up this site :-) GL Excess is here lying still in
my hard drive and I would like to give everyone as
soon as possible the opportunity to download it.
Right after that I'll be releasing a Linux version of
Rebirth, which has been converted by my friend
Luca Rizzuti. Then it's up to some GL Excess

manteinance release. Basically what I would like to get out of GL Excess is a 3D
accelerated benchmark for all you performance freaks out there (since I am
myself one you guys...): I will then expand this site's capabilities so that
visitors can send their bench results and confront them with other users.
In the meanwhile, it would be nice to see a Linux convertion of GL Excess, if my
friend Luca dares to pick up the challenge :-) Anyway, I swear sooner or later
I'll be releasing the source code, but before this happens I would like to enter
some contests and see how GL Excess rates. L8r! (^_^)